Frequently asked questions

Can you explain the process from start to finish?

If you’d like a free critique of your existing resume, simply mail it to me and I’ll get back to you with my thoughts based on current Human Resource expectations. Or you may decide to proceed without a critique in which case you would check the relevant box and pay up front via PayPal. A “Fact Sheet” questionnaire delving into your career and achievements will then be mailed to you. Once you’ve completed and returned it I’ll call you to discuss telephonically various areas of the resume and uncover as much useful information as possible. A draft resume will then be sent to you for your comments after which your resume and cover letter will be completed and sent to you for final approval.

Is it a problem that I don’t have a resume to send you?

Not at all. I’ve written resumes for many folks who have been with the same company for decades and have never needed a resume. The important thing is that you put everything (and the kitchen sink) into the “Fact Sheet” questionnaire. Rather too much information for me to craft your resume from than not enough.

How long will it take?

I aim to have the first draft to you within 5 days of receiving the completed questionnaire. Depending on the immediacy of your responses to any questions I may have, you should have your completed resume and cover letter within 7 days.

Are all resumes the same length?

There is no standard length for a resume. It should be as long as it takes to do a great job of highlighting your career progression and achievements. On average, resumes tend to be 1 or 2 pages, depending on your own specific career events. If an HR person is genuinely interested in your career, they’ll have absolutely no problem with 2 pages.

Do you mail resumes to companies?

No. I’m not in the mailing business, I’m in the business of writing great resumes. I have made the decision to concentrate on what I do best – and that’s to write resumes and cover letters that do a superb job of packaging and selling your experience and achievements. There are plenty of companies that will be only too happy to mail your resume to potential employers on your behalf.

Do you write all the resumes yourself?

Absolutely. While I could triple the size of Vital Resumes by farming out resumes to other writers, I must confess to being a bit of a control freak. If I write it myself, I can vouch for the quality. So, be assured, if I’m fortunate enough to gain your trust and be commissioned by you to write your resume, you’ll be getting the whole Geoff Naus and nothing but Geoff Naus.

What if I’m not satisfied with the resume?

In the rare instance that a client feels a resume isn't hitting the spot with the companies that he/she has applied to (even though the client had initially approved the resume) I’ll rewrite it at no charge whatsoever. This offer will apply for 30 days after approval of the initial resume.

In what format will I receive my resume?

I will send you your final resume and cover letter in 2 formats that cover all the bases: MS Word (.doc) and PDF.